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About me

Prefers: Coffee to tea. Nights to mornings. Autumn. Gold and blush pink. Manicures over pedicures. Cake. Vintage sparkle. Will never turn down a glass of Champagne. 

I started taking pictures around the time my youngest brother was born in 2004. I loved taking pictures of him and of the scenery outside, but it never stuck. I didn't pick up photography again until 2014 when my cousin wanted to have a photo shoot. I posted my pictures on the Internet and got comments that they were good pictures. Soon, one of my friends wanted me to do some of her senior portraits and that is where it all began. So now, here I am taking senior portraits, family portraits, a babies first year of life, and any other session I can get my hands on.

Along with taking pictures, I am a student at Louisiana State University going into my victory lap (year 5!). My degree, however, is not in photography. I am actually majoring in Early Childhood Education to teach Pre-K 4, yes like my mother did. I am very excited to graduate and to start teaching, but I will never give up photography! 

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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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