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What does "community" mean to you?

With this pandemic occurring, my classes at LSU have been switched to online classes. We were required to do a forum for this week that is due Friday and I thought it was very interesting to sit and think about. The questions that my teacher, Michelle Grantham, asked were:

1. Start by journaling on two questions: What does “community” mean to me? What needs am I witnessing in my community right now?


2. Think about your daily routine and how it has changed in the last week or so. It is very likely you are already doing something to serve other people or the common good. Ask yourself these questions: Is there something I am doing to serve others that is not required of me during this crisis? If so, what is it? If not, what could I do for others while abiding by current state/federal social distancing guidelines that is not required of me?

I wanted to encourage all of you to consider journaling an answer to these questions as well. It really makes you stop to think for a second...

I answered these questions as the following:

1. What does “community” mean to me?

a. Community is when there are people who come together because something is happening. Something could be good, something can be bad, something can be anything there is a reason for people to gather together as a group to celebrate, morn, or simply to just gather for some reason. In this time, we are a community to try to overcome this pandemic. A “community” of people are working to cure people, a “community” of people are staying home to help save lives, a “community” of people are still working to keep the oilfield running smoothly. A “community” has a lot of different meanings, but that is what a community is to me.

2. What needs am I witnessing in my community right now?

a. I am seeing people that needs jobs, groceries (i.e. toilet paper), masks and gloves, and health. There are so many things different communities need, it is hard to list them all.

3. My daily routine has been put to a stop. I was used to teaching every day on the weekdays and on the weekends, I was booked full with photography sessions. My teaching and photo taken has ended. The way I am serving my photography clients is by doing The Front Steps Project. I am going to the client’s house and doing a free photo on their front steps or porch to capture a moment in history and to spread a little joy in this time of panic. This is not required of me, but people are loving to get a free family photo done while all of their loved ones are under one roof. I am abiding to the social distancing guidelines by texting the client when I get to their house, instead of knocking on the door, I stay a lot more than 6 feet away from the clients, and I instruct them how to situate themselves instead of going up and doing it for them like I normally would. This has been a huge adjustment for myself and I’m sure for everyone else.


I am very curious to see how you would answer these questions, so if you have time would you mind filling this out for me??

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts!


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