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Graduating Class of 2018

WOW! I have been blessed with shooting 10 amazing seniors this year!! I love how each one of them brought their own unique twist to their sessions, it made for amazing pictures! Let's get right to it and let me introduce you to them!

My first senior this year was Haley Rebardi. Haley was going for the Tuscany look for her pictures and I think we hit the nail on the head with the venue we shot at. Here are some of my favorites of Haley.

Want to check out Haley's full gallery? Click HERE

My second senior was Bailee Hoggatt! A girl after my own heart when she pulled out her shirt that had Luke 1:45 on it. "Blessed is she who believes that the Lord will fulfill His promises to her." Here are some of my favorites of Bailee!

Want to check out Bailee's whole gallery? Click HERE

My third senior was Kylie Henson! The only pictures Kylie absolutely wanted was a yellow flower field with my blue chair. She had sent me pictures of Jaci Arnold's that I did last year and I was praying that the yellow field would still be in the same spot! Low and behold it was! Wooo!! Here are some of my favorite's of Kylie.

Want to view Kylie's whole gallery? Click HERE

My fourth senior was Matti Rivere! We went to the Laurel Valley Plantation for Matti's pictures! I had taken my brother Andrew's senior pictures there last year, but of course being a boy, I didn't get to shoot as much as I wanted to with him. I am so glad Matti wanted to go back there!

They came out so amazing and we had such a blast taking them! Here are a few of my favorites!

Want to check out Matti's whole gallery? Click HERE

My fifth senior was Hanna McCue! Hanna asked me to do something that was very out of my comfort zone...shoot in water! If y'all know me, I am terrified of going into lake water, beach water, pond water, you get the idea. I sucked it up and boy am I glad I did! The pictures came out amazing! Here are a few!

To check out the rest of Hanna's gallery, click HERE

My sixth senior was Cade Minton, my first boy of the senior season! Cade wanted to go to his and his friends hang out spot, the mini seawall. I loved how he wanted to incorporate his high school memories with his friends into his senior pictures! We even got one of him sitting in "his spot".

Want to see more of Cade's gallery? Click HERE

My seventh senior was Hailey Lightsey! Hailey had the mind set that she wanted to take pictures with horses! I was so excited because I had been wanting to do a session with horses for so long, but was waiting on the special person to do the session with! Keep in mind, the whole time we were shooting we were constantly trying to beat the rain, but the pictures came out great! Here are a few!

Want to check out Hailey's gallery? Click HERE

My eighth senior was a trip, Luke Felterman. When I pulled up and saw his outfit, my first question to him was, "Does your mom know you're wearing this?" We took Luke's pictures at his family's lighthouse in Patterson. Here are some of Luke's!

Want to see Luke's gallery? Click HERE

I hope you're still following along with me! Hang in there we only have two left!!

My ninth senior was Kyle Boudreaux! Kyle is a baseball player for Berwick High and it's crazy to me that I've been watching this kid play since he was probably 5 and now he's graduating!!! We first planned on doing Kyle's photos the day of prom, but the weather had something else planned for us and so did my back...I couldn't walk! So we moved his session to the next day and the weather was amazing!! Here are some of Kyle's!

Check out Kyle's full gallery HERE

My tenth and final senior of the season was Reid Wiley! Reid is also a baseball player at Berwick High and I can't believe my little Reidy is graduating too. This is just crazy to me, when did all these boys grow up on me?? I did his brother Cameron's pictures last year and boy was I seeing double when I was looking through my lens! We did Reid's pictures at the baseball field and on Front Street in Berwick.

Want to view Reid's gallery? Click HERE

If you made it all the way through those ten seniors, thank you so much for checking out this blog post! I have been waiting since February to post it and it's finally done!!

I want to thank my seniors and their parents for letting me capture this special and emotional time! It means so much to me that I got to take each and every one of their pictures! I pray God blesses each of y'all abundantly as y'all take on the next chapters in y'all lives!

Congratulations to the class of 2018!

XOXO, Abigail

P.S. If you are apart of the class of 2019 and want to start booking your senior pictures now, please do not hesitate!!! I will be booking up soon and I want to make sure I have a spot for YOU!!!! Thank you:)

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