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Freshly Edited Newborn Sessions

I advertised some free newborn sessions a couple of weeks ago on Facebook. I wanted to get some practice on newborns because I had just purchased The Milky Way's Newborn and Maternity Retreat! They have so many amazing photographers for tips and tricks with newborns. I was dying to try them out. Here are two of the free sessions that I did! I can not thank April and Allie enough for letting me practice on their little ones!

We took Sophia's at her house in her nursery. This was my first time doing this and I have to say I love going into the nursery to do photos! This first headband is from Stella Arbor Boutique on Etsy.

This headband is from my good friend Jessica with El & Em on Etsy!

Jaxtyn was wrapped in grey cheese cloth that I purchased from Amazon. I love the simplicity of these photos.

Macro shots are literally my favorite to take and to frame in my studio!

To check out the rest of these baby's galleries...

click here for Sophia's

click here for Jaxtyn's

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