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Deciding on a T-Shirt Logo/First Blog!

Hey y'all!

Here is my first blog post! I have decided to do it on all my logo shirts I have recently made! I am in need of your help! I need y'all to tell me which logo you would prefer on a t-shirt. Below will be pictures of the different options! Comment which one you would prefer to wear around town and I will get a bunch of those made.

This is the first logo!

This is the second logo!

Here is the third logo!

The first three shirts were all black shirts with the rose gold letters.

I decided to change it up on this one and do a navy shirt with the gold glitter letters.

This is just a sweatshirt that I made for myself. The letters are a light pink color.

I am willing to sell these shirts that I have in these photos, but they are first come first serve!

Thanks for checking out my first blog!

Come back soon!

XOXO, Abigail

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