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414 Reasons You Need to Check out Wynna and Nick's Wedding

Can I just start with, wow. I can not believe that I got to shoot this wedding! It was such an amazing experience for me to be able to shoot a wedding now that I am more experienced since my last wedding ( Mr. Gary and Mrs. Lisa Hover was my first wedding about 2 years ago). I haven't shot one since. Wedding are so intimidating to take on in my opinion. I have been wanting to shoot more weddings though and then Wynna called me:) I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. I got all my paper work ready to bring to her and have our first meeting.

Flash forward to a few months later and it's wedding day!!

I was still so nervous! Who did I think I was taking pictures at a wedding?? Why in the world would someone trust me to take their WEDDING day photos???

Then I start to think, "wow I'm so blessed to be able to take photos at this wedding. What an amazing challenge God has presented me with. Abigail, you can NOT, I repeat, can NOT screw up these pictures. No pressure, just don't screw it up."

Once I started taking pictures and getting all my lighting right I started to feel more comfortable with the idea of shooting this wedding.

When I got this shot....I knew I was suppose to be shooting this wedding for a reason. I mean look at her! She is beautiful! I never thought I would be able to take a shot like this, not posed, but a genuine look at herself for the first time.

I won't go into all of the details of each and every photo, but here is one last one I want to share before you head over to look at the whole album...

Look how happy she looks!

How in the world did I get so lucky to get this job??

Check out Wynna and Nick's whole album here!


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